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Professional Tree Services and Basin Family Tree Care

Basin Family Tree Care LLC provides tree trimming and removal services to residential homeowners, small business owners, commercial business owners, and the city of Klamath Falls.

While offering the best professional tree services, we go above and beyond for our customers.

About Basin Family Tree Care:

Paul has over 15 years of experience in the tree care industry. He has owned and operated Basin Family Tree Care since 2018.

This provides him with the knowledge and skills to help owners decide what is best for their trees and property.

Basin Family Tree Care offers free evaluations to help both private and commercial landowners figure out what their tree problems are.

Whether it’s taking out a single tree or providing wildfire abatement, our customers rest easy knowing their assets are safe.

After commercial or residential trees have been inspected, the customer learns about our recommendations.

When the customer decides what services to use, we provide a quote for any of the services for professional tree care that are required.

These services include tree trimming, tree removal, debris removal, and stump grinding or removal.

Our free evaluation also includes recommendations about what kind of tree to plant and where to plant it.

We look at your property to determine the best place for a tree, considering things like sunlight, soil quality, and how close the place is to utilities and structures.

Continue reading to find out about tree removal cost, Family Basin Tree Care services, and how to choose the best Oregon Tree Service Professional in your area.

Is There an Average Cost for Tree Removal?

Because each tree removal situation is unique, there is no such thing as an average cost for tree removal. The cost of tree removal is determined by a variety of factors.

For example, a tree located close to a building or power lines will cost more to remove than a tree located in the middle of an open field.

How Tree Removal Cost is determined:

1. Tree Location: It can be a difficult process to remove a tree if it is hard to get to because it is located between two buildings near a fence or power line.

The more complicated a removal, the longer it takes and the more money it costs.

2. Customer Specifications: As a family-owned and operated business, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We not only provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice for your trees, but we also work to ensure you are happy with the process and result.

However, requests and specifications add more time to the project and increase the price of the removal.

3. Required Equipment: From woodchippers to bucket trucks, we have the best equipment to complete any tree removal project.

Since most of our equipment runs on gas, as gas prices rise, the cost of services also rise.

4. Time Required: The main factor that determines the cost of a tree removal project is how much time it will take to complete the job safely.

5. Crew Needed: Overhead costs and employee wages are also used to determine the hourly rate.

Trees that require the most time to service as well as the most equipment and staff will be the most expensive.

Professional Tree Removal

Professional tree removal is the process of having a team of trained and experienced people cut down a tree on a property.

This process typically involves the use of specialized equipment, such as chainsaws, wood chippers, and a bucket truck, to safely remove the tree and dispose of it.

Professional tree service companies in Oregon should have a CCB license.

Professional tree removal is necessary for trees that are dead, dying, or pose a safety hazard. It may also be necessary to remove trees to make way for new construction or to improve the overall appearance of a property.

Healthy, mature trees on your property boost your property’s value and appeal. Trees are important environmental factors. Basin Family Tree Care works hard to preserve trees whenever possible.

When we come out for your free estimate, we share our knowledge and expertise with you so you can decide if your tree can be saved or needs to be removed.

Can I Remove a Tree Myself?

Trimming and removing trees is dangerous. While it is dangerous for those who are untrained, it can also be dangerous for arborists.

The safety of our employees, property owners, and their property is our number one priority.

A professional tree service ensures the safety, health, and appearance of your trees as well as providing peace of mind. Basin Family Tree Care has the necessary training and experience.

We also use the most advanced procedures and use the best equipment.

Some trees can be saved with professional pruning. Other trees with diseases, pests, or that pose a safety hazard probably need to be removed.

We provide free assessments and cost estimates. Here are some things we check for regarding tree health:

  • Broken or dangling branches or weak branch connections

  • Cracks, cavities, sap, or missing bark on the trunk

  • Exposed roots and soil

  • Leaf discoloration and growth

  • Signs of pests

Benefits of Using a Professional Tree Service:

  • Efficiency: Professional tree service workers have the necessary equipment and skills to efficiently remove or trim trees. This saves time and effort for homeowners who don't have the necessary tools or experience.

  • Property Protection: A professional tree service takes steps to protect your property while working. These steps include using protective barriers and directing debris away from buildings and vehicles.

  • Insurance: A licensed professional tree service must be licensed and bonded. This protects property owners in the event of an accident or damage to their property.

Basin Family Tree Care offers services including trimming and removing trees, grinding and removing stumps, and land clearing. We also offer wood chipping and debris removal as part of our service package.

Tree Removal and Cutting Process

The process of tree removal begins with an assessment of the tree and the surrounding area to determine the best course of action. Trees don’t always have to be removed. Sometimes pruning a tree is the best option.

We give our customers the information they need so they can make the best decision for their homes and properties. We specialize in large, hazardous tree removal and pruning.

We use two forestry bucket trucks and skilled tree climbers to prune and remove trees safely.

When a tree needs to be cut, we remove a tree with the best modern practices, using correct safety techniques and equipment.

After our free estimate, we may recommend the removal of a tree based upon the trees health or if they pose a safety hazard.

The Steps of Tree Cutting:

  1. Assessing the Tree: A professional tree service looks at the tree and the area around it to figure out the best way to get rid of it.

  2. Planning the Cut: The tree service plans the cut to ensure the tree falls in the appropriate direction to minimize the risk of property damage.

  3. Cutting the Tree: Professionals from a tree service cut the tree down using equipment like chainsaws and bucket trucks.

  4. Removing the Tree: Lastly, the tree service takes the tree off the property and gets rid of it in the right way.

Emergency Tree Removal is another one of Basin Family Tree Care’s services. We expertly remove fallen trees and branches in the case of storms and severe weather.

During emergency tree removal, the safety of people and property is our top priority.

Whether a tree has fallen on property, buildings, or utility poles, we assess the situation to determine the best way to safely remove the tree quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits of Pruning Trees

When trees are correctly pruned, they become an asset to your property and enhance the attractiveness of the landscape.

Tree pruning is important for tree health because it increases sunlight and air circulation, both of which promote tree growth.

Most importantly, pruning trees helps keep damage to homes and other buildings on the property to a minimum.

Why pruning trees is necessary:

  • Removing damaged or diseased branches helps a tree’s overall health.

  • Pruning shapes the tree and improves its appearance.

  • By cutting off branches that are competing for the tree’s resources, pruning helps the tree grow in the desired way.

  • Pruning is essential for safety prevention because it removes low-hanging branches or falling branches.

Basin Family Tree Care has the knowledge and equipment to properly trim trees in a way that promotes the health and stability of a tree. We also take steps to protect your property while working.

Overall, cutting and trimming trees is a difficult and potentially dangerous task that should only be done by people who have been trained to do so.

Another service Basin Family Tree Care provides is stump grinding and removal. When a stump is too big or deep to be removed by hand, stump grinding may be required.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Both stump grinding and stump removal are effective ways to remove tree stumps from a property. The best option for you will depend on many factors, including the size and location of the stump.

Stump grinding involves using specialized equipment to grind the stump down to ground level. It is usually a faster and less expensive choice than stump removal since it requires less labor and equipment.

  1. We evaluate the stump’s size, location, and condition to determine the best course of action for its removal.

  2. To reduce the stump, we use a stump grinder to grind it below ground level in order to minimize it.

  3. If stump removal is necessary, we remove the stump and properly dispose of it.

When compared to manual removal or chemical treatment, stump grinding is a cheaper way to get rid of tree stumps. It also helps keep the stump from growing and attracting pests.

Stump removal involves completely removing the stump and root system from the ground. This typically requires more labor and equipment and is therefore a more expensive option.

The benefit of completely removing a stump is that it allows you to grow grass and beautify that area.

The decision between stump grinding and stump removal is determined by your needs and budget. We will help you figure out your options and determine the best course of action for your situation.

Wood Chipping Services

Wood chipping is the process of using a machine called a woodchipper to break down branches and other wood debris into small chips or mulch.

Basin Family Tree Care has a 14-foot-feed wood chipper for chipping brush and brush piles. Brush is chipped directly into the bed of the truck. We then deliver the wood chips to the sanitation department, where they are used for compost.

Wood chipping services are typically part of the process when removing or pruning trees. It is an efficient disposal method for wood debris. Customers also use the woodchips as mulch for landscaping.

Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of getting rid of trees, shrubs, and other plants from a piece of land to get it ready for construction or to make it look better overall.

There are several reasons why land clearing is necessary:

  • Prepares Land for Development: To get a piece of land ready for building or other development, it needs to be cleared.

  • Improves the Appearance of Property: Land clearing helps a property look better by getting rid of unwanted trees and bushes.

  • Problem-Causing Trees and Vegetation: Land clearance is needed to remove trees or vegetation causing problems, like blocking sunlight or damage to building foundations.

Professional Tree Removal Fire Abatement Services

Fire abatement is the process of reducing the risk of wildfire by removing vegetation and other fuels from an area.

Fire abatement involves cutting back or removing trees, brush, branches, and dead leaves that provide fuel for wildfires. This is an important way to keep homes in rural areas from being damaged by wildfires.

Oregon will always have wildfires, but creating a “defensible space” around your home can help protect it from them.

Basin Family Tree Care’s fire abatement service helps protect your property from the danger of wildfires.

With our fire abatement assessment, we look for trees and bushes that may catch fire and cause damage to homes and buildings.

We inspect properties for potential fire threats and ensure trees are correctly spaced and trimmed.

We also clear waste such as large amounts of leaf litter and brush piles. Then, with our expertise and equipment, we clear the land to provide the best protection against wildfires.

How to Choose the Best Oregon Tree Service Professional in Your Area

Any tree service company in Oregon should be able to provide proof of insurance. A professional tree service should also carry workman’s compensation insurance, although Oregon does not require this to be licensed.

Workman’s compensation protects property owners from being sued if an employee gets injured. Otherwise, property owners can be liable if an employee get injured or dies while providing tree services.

To protect yourself, it’s best to hire a professional tree service company that is licensed and bonded and has Workman’s Compensation for employees.

Basin Family Tree Care provides a certificate of insurance made out to the customer upon request. We also carry workman’s compensation for the protection of our employees.

Before you hire a tree service to work on your property, you should make sure they are licensed and have a good reputation.

In addition to receiving confirmation of a tree service business’s license, it’s a good idea to research the company online to view any violations.

How to Hire the Best Oregon Tree Removal Service: A Step-by-Step guide:

1. Click here to go to the State of Oregon’s Construction Contractor’s Licensing website.

2. Click the SEARCH bar, then enter the business license number into the SEARCH box.

3. The results will show “ACTIVE” when the business license is active.

4. Now click CHOOSE. The results will show you if there are any license infractions. This shows if the company has unpaid claims, a complaint and disciplinary history, or administrative suspensions.

5. In the box called “About this Business”, click the “Learn more about this business” link.

6. This page displays information about the company’s insurance, and you can click on additional links to find the licensing and bonding amounts. You can also see if there have been any insurance lapses. The information also shows the names of individuals associated with the company.

7. To find out if the tree service business carries worker’s compensation for its employees, click on the link called Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division.” This takes you to the DCBS Proof of Coverage Search.

8. On the DCBS Proof of Coverage Search page, enter the name and city of the tree service company. Then check the box that says, “I’m not a robot,” then SEARCH.

9. The name of the tree service company appears if it carries Workman’s Compensation insurance. If the company doesn’t, the results will say, “No record shown.”

10. Check out the company’s reviews on Google and Facebook once you find the tree service that you are interested in.

11. The Department of Agriculture recommends getting estimates from several tree service companies and not automatically accepting the first or cheapest offer.

Basin Family Tree Care is a family-owned and operated business that is dedicated to keeping the highest standards to provide the best service at the best price.

We are happy to answer all questions, from references to cost, when we meet for your free estimate.


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