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Financing and the Cost of Tree Removal

Trees add beauty and vitality to our surroundings, yet they may need to be removed at some point. Whether it’s due to overgrowth, a tree crowding a structure, or other reasons, removing a tree is typically a challenging operation.

Basin Family Tree Care understands the importance and value of trees. That’s why we strive to make tree removals as seamless as possible for our customers.

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the cost of tree removal.

The cost of tree removal can be complicated since it is determined by a variety of factors.

This is why many tree removal companies, like us, provide free quotes.

Basin Family Tree Care provides free estimates, and we work with you every step of the way to help you make an informed decision about your tree services.

Factors That Influence Tree Removal Cost

Basin Family Tree Care takes many things into account when figuring out how much it will cost to remove a tree.

  • Time: The time it takes to remove a tree is an important cost element. We have both hourly and daily rates. In the case of larger jobs, the day rate is typically more cost-effective.

  • Crew: The number of crew members needed for tree removal is a component in determining the cost of tree removal. Some tree removal jobs require our entire crew, so the project is completed quickly and effectively.

  • Location: Getting rid of a tree can be hard, depending on where it is and what else is in the area. Trees near structures are typically more expensive to remove than trees that are not near structures.

  • Equipment Needed: We have many specialized tools and equipment, including two bucket trucks. Because most of our equipment runs on gasoline, the cost of removing a tree is affected by gas prices.

  • Customer Specifications: Our first concern is ensuring customer satisfaction, so meeting specific requests may add time. Added time leads to a cost increase.

By taking these things into account, Basin Family Tree Care gives you an accurate and free quote for tree removal services. We also offer financing so we can remove trees that are a hazard to your property.

How to Finance the Cost of Tree Removal

If you need to have a tree cut down, you will be relieved to learn that you can get tree removal financing to help pay for it.

Basin Family Tree Care tree service offers a way for personal loans to finance having your tree removed.

With 0% APR promotional finance, you may request a loan ranging from $1,000 to $200,000 with a simple 60-second application. (APR is based on applicant credit score)

The process begins with a soft credit pull for a rapid pre-approval. Then just choose your offer that best fits your budget, finish the application, and the money will be deposited directly into your account in as little as 1 business day.

With payment option types ranging from one to twelve years, you can select the plan that best fits your budget and needs.

Call Basin Family Tree Care company at 541-851-9080 to get started.

Removing Big Trees: The Costs and Considerations

Large-sized trees are those with a diameter of 19 inches or more. For example, Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, Maple, Cottonwood, Elm, and Black Locust are considered large trees.

Getting rid of big trees can be hard, but because we have the right tools and know-how, we can get rid of them safely and quickly.

Large tree removal costs range from $1500 to $6000, based on factors such as the size of the tree, its location, and any potential safety hazards.

Our tree removal prices include clean up and brush chipping. Our woodchipper handles big branches but with tree removals customers are usually left with larger wood rounds, so we cut the wood to 16-inch lengths for customers to handle and split easily.

We do offer hauling the large wood away so that customers don't have to deal with it, however this is an extra costs since it involves more labor and dumping fees to dispose of the wood.

Customers can save money by keeping the wood instead of having it hauled away.

We recognize that removing large trees can be complicated and costly. Basin Family Tree Care is here to make the process as simple and cost-effective as possible for customers.

Removing Medium Trees: Balancing Cost and Convenience

Medium-sized trees, with diameters ranging from 8 inches to 19 inches, such as Hawthorn, Sunburst Locust, larger Ornamental Trees, and larger Fruit Trees like Cherry Trees, can also be difficult to remove.

The cost of removing medium trees ranges from $500 to $2000, based on criteria such as size, location, and the amount of wood that must be disposed of.

Basin Family Tree Care strives to make tree removal as affordable as possible for our customers.

Customers are welcome to keep any large pieces of wood that do not fit into our woodchipper, saving them the cost of having us transport the wood.

Our woodchipper has a 15-inch opening and is capable of handling large chunks of wood. We cut the remaining wood down to firewood size so customers can easily handle and split it.

Whether you're dealing with a medium-sized tree or a larger one, Basin Family Tree Care has the experience and equipment to make the removal process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Removing Small Trees: Factors Affecting Cost and Process

Small trees, such as fruit and decorative trees, can be removed for $150 to $1200, depending on size, location, and the amount of wood that must be disposed of.

However, Basin Family Tree Care has a $300 minimum charge for each tree removal operation. To get the most out of your tree removal service, combine it with tree pruning to satisfy the minimum fee requirement.

Customers can also save money by keeping any large pieces of wood that do not fit in our 15-inch woodchipper.

To learn more about how we determine the cost of tree removal, give us a call at (541) 851-9080 for a free estimate.

Maximizing Your Tree Care Budget

At Basin Family Tree Care, our mission is to provide homeowners with the information they need to make informed decisions about the care and upkeep of their trees.

Whether you're in need of tree removal services or simply seeking advice on the best

ways to maintain your trees, we are here to help.

We believe that everyone should have access to the information they need to keep their trees healthy and beautiful, which is why we offer free tree removal estimates to anyone who contacts us.

So, if you have questions about how to finance your tree removal or need help with tree care in general, don't hesitate to give us a call at (541) 851-9080.

We are dedicated to helping you navigate the cost of tree removal and find the financing options that work best for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Fallen Tree?

While removing a fallen tree may seem like a simple task, it's important to remember that there are several elements that might influence the cost.

Taking down a fallen tree is usually cheaper than taking down a standing tree, but there are some things that could make it more expensive.

Here are a few things we consider when estimating the cost of removing a fallen tree:

  • Fallen Tree Location: If a tree has fallen on a home, shed, or fence, this can be more expensive because it presents a hazard.

  • Safety Concerns: A fallen tree on a building puts employees at risk, and the cost of removing it reflects the safety measures we have to take.

  • Day Rate: Typically on average a large tree would take about a full day of work therefore we charge a “day rate” for removing a fallen tree. The “day rate” is $3000 within town limits and $3200 for those outside of town.

Tree removal can be a significant expense and procedure, but with the right team and financing options, it doesn't have to be.

Basin Family Tree Care’s experienced crew delivers safe and effective tree removal services, and we are always happy to offer free quotes to help you better understand the cost.

Our flexible financing options make it easier for you to get the tree removal services you need without breaking the bank.

So, if you're in need of tree removal, don't hesitate to reach out to us at (541) 851-9080 for a free estimate and to learn more about your financing options.

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